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My Prince Video List
VHS tapes are recorded in SP in NSTC format and all CD-Roms are recorded on CD Recordable disks and are Win95/98 compatible.
1. Lovesexy Tour 1988

2. Nude Tour 1990

3. Jam of the Year Tour Jones Beach, New York, 1997

4. Miles 2 Nowhere 12/31/87 News Eve Concert at Paisley Park

5. Interview with Oprah 1997

6. Prince of Paisley Park Documentry

7. Prince Unauthorized Documentry

8. Prince on Arsenio Hall (Diamonds & Pearls Album)

9 Prince on Arsenio Hall (Symbol Album)

10.Prince on Muppets Tonight

11.Prince on American Bandstand 1980

12.Prince on Soul Train (Love Sign/ The Most Beautiful Girl)

13.Prince on American Music Awards 1996

14.Under The Cherry Moon

15.Prince performing Emancipation on the NAACP awards.

16.MTV Emancipation Concert Special

17.The Ryde Devine

18.The Undertaker (Rehearsal Tape)

19.Purple Rain Tour 1985

20.Prince performing Diamonds and Pearls and Baby I'm a Star at the 1991 Special Olympics.

21.Prince interview on BET Talk

22.Beautiful Strange

23.VH1 Interview with Chris Rock

Also available:

1. Prince Interactive CD-Rom
2. Prince Desktop Themes and Screensaver CD-Rom

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